Meet Carmen Ramirez

I’m happy to announce that I am releasing an extensively revised version of Edited Out, a Carmen Ramirez mystery. Published by Naiad Press in the mid-1990s, this book has been out print for decades. Nevertheless, Edited Out and its sequel (Final Cut) continue to garner attention from reviewers and scholars. Decades after its initial release, the revised edition of Edited Out reflects my vision and sensibilities.

Old readers will find new insights into Carmen and the rest of the characters. Some characters are significantly changed in order to enhance the plot. Julia has been  completely rewritten. Now more vibrant, she becomes a key player in Carmen’s investigation. Scenes that didn’t work have been excised.

New and old readers will relate to Edited Out’s themes of homophobia and racism, prejudices that plague us to this day.  Most of all, Edited Out is a great story. Overcoming barriers of isolation and hatred, 24-year-old Carmen seeks love and justice. Readers will follow Carmen’s  journey, which filled with humor, poignancy, and suspense.

Plot twists continue to the last page.

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